We take utmost care at every stage of the repair process right from services, correct selection of materials, proper tolerances to proper manufacture including appropriate heat treatment. All the parts are tested before final delivery for performance. We feel that high quality products with equally affectionate & efficient service, is the key to unlock the treasure of success in this never forgiving, ever demanding, & killing competitive markets. At GLTC we distinguish ourselves by our assurance to the deliverables and fruitful accomplishment of the assignment by understanding the customer input and coordinating with diverse masteries and proficiency to eventually attain the objectives beyond customer expectations thus providing an ineffable value to the project. The rich experience gained from successful projects and we have completed by our customers, continuously helps us to overcome complicated concerns in a project life cycle. We are always ready to perform any vehicle repairs or replacements on fuel systems and fuel injection problems. We can help you solve problems such as your vehicle doesn’t start or has an engine miss-fire.

Our add on services which we can repair anything from air-filter to highly technical fuel injection problems.
We also carry out diagnostic work and also repair for faulty components like the ignition coil, coil pack, ignition module or lead, DFI module, fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel tank or even just the fuel filter or a set of spark plugs.
We only use quality parts from leading brands. Our fully trained technicians can help you solve problems whether your car won’t start, has a flat spot, a miss, leaking fuel, using too much petrol, idling or running rough.
Great service comes with a great price:
We provide an on-site service, to reduce your inconvenience.
We offer you itemized quotes before any work commences.
We make sure that you are in control of your service costs.
We are equipped to do all standard vehicle servicing, non-urgent repairs and diagnostics.
We have our best Scheduled Maintenance services.
The process of cleaning the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers using specialized equipment. Fuel injection cleaning is now a necessary maintenance service required on today’s vehicles.

Fuel injectors become clogged with dirt and rust, while the injector tips plug up with varnish from gasoline. Intake valves, combustion chambers and pistons suffer from carbon deposits, which if allowed to accumulate may lead to diminished performance, reduced fuel economy and poor/uneven idle.
This service dissolves these deposits and restores proper fuel flow into the combustion chamber. The benefits range from optimizing fuel economy, cleaner emissions and improved engine responsiveness.
We also offer the best comprehensive maintenance and service for fuel injection systems. Our service improves fuel efficiency and engine performance by removing deposit build-up from the combustion chamber, throttle body, plenum, air-intake system, fuel injectors, and valves.
Technicians Dedicated to performing the best Fuel Injection repairs
Whether you have a Mercedes or a Mazda, a Lexus or a Lincoln, our service HSE-Certified Master Technicians are qualified to work on your engine, backed by decades of education and experience.
Our technicians are constantly rated as some of the best in the North Las Vegas region for their professional aspect and mechanical ability, and are constantly providing customers with satisfying service.