Overhaul of Diesel Engines


What do you need from an engine overhaul?

Engine overhaul is basically giving your engine a new life. Most engines wear out over time due to heat and normal wear and tear. Some engines worsen quicker than others from being driven too hard like a race car. Or it’s affected by not enough engine oil, or lack of maintenance. The list goes on.
There are many reasons to overhaul your engine. But you should look out for these signs from your vehicle

Engine Oil is missing
Your Fuel Efficiency is dropping
Engine sounding weird
Engine overheating
Smoke billowing from the exhaust pipe.

Having your engine overhauled does not have to be a major expense or inconvenience. There are two main reasons why you would choose an overhaul over any other option. When you notice your engine oil level is always dropping, fuel efficiency is not as good as before or there are weird sounds coming from the engine, you can consult a GLTC to check if there is a need to overhaul your engine. It is usually best to have an overhaul done
The most work on the overhaul of the car engine begins with the diagnosis of the engine. Repair work of gasoline and diesel engines of modern vehicles is possible only with using modern equipment and qualified personnel. You will save yourself from many problems if you choose the right service provider like GLTC.
Engine Overhaul gives a new life to your engine and brings its technical characteristics to nominal characteristics. IT may take 2-3 weeks, since it may take a lot of time to repair and restore parts (grinding, boring) with the best services

Stages of overhaul


GLTC will always be much more convenient to disconnect and dismantle the entire engine to the convenience of your vehicle. There are generally only a handful of actual connections.
Steps we follow in dismantling:
a. Disconnect and secure the spark plug wire.
b. Drain the gasoline or remove the fuel tank and store in a safe place.
c. Ensure the engine is drained of all fluids
d. If drained oil is available check for metallic residue
e. Remove Engine subassemblies (Turbocharger, Governor, Starter motor etc) and set aside
f. Remove engine from mountings and place on supporting frame or a turnover frame
g. Remove flywheel



After Dismantle we will thoroughly clean each part in our workshop by our experts manually by using our ultrasonic cleaning, paint stripping and parts washing tanks to make sure to give the best service in engine overhaul.

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It is important to provide quality services to the engine with the proper inspection. In order to obtain high quality products all the time, GLTC will perform different tests and inspection processes to ensure product reliability, safety and ease of use. We will inspect the part to ascertain if it is in good condition, in need of replacement, machining or other work to bring it back to OEM specification.


Report & Approval

After the above stages, we will come to know the repairs and services need to be done and it will be processed by reporting you first and after the customer approval we will progress the overhaul engine services with the maximum quality and we notify you with the updates of each stage

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After the successful completion of the overhaul services the engine will be tested against the agreed service plan with our customers and the same will be witnessed by you from our representative.



GLTC will believe “repair rather than replace whenever possible”. and we are constantly developing innovative repair solutions to lower our customer’s cost by refurbishing the parts wherever it is possible and of course, all our repairs are OEM-compliant, and our customers know that choosing us to take care of their maintenance will improve the value and span of their engines.


Final Report

With the completion of all stages after handing overing the vehicles to you, a final report will be provided with complete details of the engine overhaul services along with our 12-month warranty as standard.

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