Custom solutions

Your vehicle is probably one of the most expensive items that you own and it is natural to protect it and treat it well. Does this mean you need to pay ridiculous amounts for servicing and repairs?
At GLTC, we are experts at looking after your vehicle at competitive prices. We understand that problems with your vehicle often come at the least opportune time.
Our team of professionals got it right the first time. When bringing your vehicle to GLTC, you can expect value for money on your mechanical repairs. You can expect quality parts, complimentary extras thrown in and professional mechanics. We are working to make this a reality by connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and customers to create innovative aftermarket solutions.
Our solutions help customers be sustainable. We measure success based on long-term satisfaction of our customers. As forward thinkers, we strive to simplify solutions and provide high-quality, durable and affordable products and services and we intend to become a one-stop solution provider for aftermarket fuel injection and turbo needs by connecting all key stakeholders in the industry.

System solutions

An integral but often forgotten component within many residential properties are pump systems. We work with property representatives, owners, building managers, caretakers and maintenance staff to provide guaranteed pump system solutions.
We can repair your existing system, upgrade or make changes to improve the operation and efficiencies of your pumping system. We can assure you a seamless operation of your pump system from the moment you shake hands with your never stop representative.
Optimize and modernize pump systems to make them energy-efficient. identifies savings potential that can be tapped through GLTC Services.

System Efficiency Service

The starting point for all system optimisations by GLTC is a comprehensive system analysis of the pump installation. A data logger simultaneously records process and vibration values at the site.
This enables us to identify the pump’s current load profile and compare it with the specifications. We can then recommend action to maximize energy efficiency and ensure that your pumps and systems run economically.
Complete solutions are a key focus area of our product development activities. As a systems supplier we are able to offer comprehensive integrated systems consisting of flow meter, Beinlich pump systems, DST permanent magnetic couplings, HBE hydraulic components and Oleotec test points.