HSE PolicyHSE Policy

At GLTC we have the highest concern with commitment for protecting the Health and Safety of all our employees, contractors, customers and the society in which we operate and for conservation of the Environment. Our GLTC is an international holding that leads the fuel service of equipment and technology and the provision of services to the repair services.

GLTC Management is committed to:
Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work- related injury and ill health and is appropriate to the purpose, size and context of the organization and to the specific nature of its OHS risks and OHS opportunities.
GLTC adheres to the HSE management system in compliance with all local, national, and international laws and regulations.


Takes all measures necessary to maintain optimal working conditions in the Monitors all work-related activities to ensure the well-being of our employees, contractors, and relevant third parties. Promotes awareness of, and provides education in, health-related subjects.


Take necessary measures to prevent work-related injuries.
Trains our employees and contractors to be aware of any potential risks to personal safety on the job.
Grants our employees and contractors the option to suspend their duties and re-evaluate their safety should they perceive any potential risks.


Ensures that all employees work productively to conserve our environment.
Makes every effort to minimize compromising our environment, such as pollution and contamination.
GLTC is committed to both maintaining and improving our HSE system on a regular basis.
Global HSE promotes methods and behavior that prevent both personal injury and unhealthy behavior of employees, third parties, damage to equipment and the environment, material and environmental damage (including air, water and soil pollution, noise and other nuisance).
We expect each employee to respect internal rules and actively contribute to the execution of Global HSE policy and guidance during any activity, regardless of the employee’s position, rights and responsibilities.