Other Engine Applications

Apart from the main sectors, we provide the engine services in many other applications as well such as Agricultural, Cranes, parts supply, locomotive, Fire pumps and other some industries which allow engines as the part.

Our locomotive engine service team will perform a variety of services such as preventative maintenance, service inspections, engine overhaul, painting, traction motor replacements and electrical upgrades and diagnostics.

An electrical testing facility is also located within the place as well as an inspection pit that rests under the repair track that has the capability of holding and storing two engines under roof.


Fire pumps

We will grease the bearings, we will check the packing, and we will check the RPM of the engine to maintain the rated RPM on the pump. That is basically a generator minor service. Our preventative maintenance practices follow proven guidelines for diesel fire pump maintenance of emergency generator engines.
GLTC technicians perform a comprehensive fire pump inspection of the engine, as well as full maintenance to include replacement of engine oil, oil filters, and fuel filters. With approval an operational test (no flow test) is performed to ensure proper engine and control operation.

Crane Repair and Maintenance Services

With professional and technical sound team we are always seeking new opportunities for crane service activities as under:

  • Calculation for Design Working Periods, Life span left for all cranes

  • Refurbishment/Modernization of existing Cranes and material handling system

  • Annual Maintenance/ Preventive Maintenance contracts for existing all Brands of Cranes

  • Brake Down calls and crane repairs

  • Spare parts for all crane brands