Power Generation Power Generation

Generator Source has been working on large industrial and commercial power generation equipment that has helped provide power around the world for almost 40 years. We have taken our expertise advice and offered that to customers. From traditional preventative maintenance and load testing we provide complete generator troubleshooting and repair service.
Our technicians and experts can help identify the issues with the power generator and repair them as required. Our special services are rendering for If your Generator is not starting, if your Generator is leaking, just let us know from the provided mode and we also offer mobile service options, pickup and delivery, and drop off at our facility.

Power Repair Process

We have several power repair process and we divided into the following categories

Complete Support

We will supply the power needed to run virtually every aspect of activity, power that must be available whenever and wherever needs it. You will supervise and perform maintenance and repairs on power-generation equipment and our mission is to provide services of above and beyond your expectations, and we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to assure your power is always on.

Expert service provider

We are solely dedicated to power generation, and with over 10,000 generator systems in service, we are also preferred in the power generation industry. We service all generator makes and models, and our highly skilled technicians and experts are certified with a national recognized power generation association.

Generator and UPS reliability through tailored routine maintenance Prevention is better than cure and we’ll be doing all we can to prevent any issues with your generators arising.

Bring into line
Our experts say and make sure as it is very important to determine the cause of the component failure and repair both. This makes them realize and helps ensure the failure does not repeat.
Light reactivate
Light repair can often be completed without long downtimes and components beyond wear limits are identified during maintenance inspections. Some examples are failures with engine fuel or cooling systems. Including; belts, hoses, fuel pumps, loose connectors, wiring, and injectors.
Heavy Repair
These repairs can require a longer downtime of the generator. For facilities with critical power requirements, a backup generator is advised for the unlikely event of a power failure. Replacing the generator engine, alternator, radiator, and cylinder head are examples of heavy repairs.

The generator requires periodic maintenance which we are handing in the most cases and these may include:

Cleaning all the parts thoroughly
Checking for any leaks of coolant and lubricating oil
Checking the coolant and lubricating oil levels in the tanks meant for them
Checking if there is enough fuel (gas, kerosene, diesel or petrol)
Changing oil in the engine and coolant after every 50-100 hours of operation or as per instructions given by our experts.

Our service centers typically have a good reputation in the market because we service long-standing clients. our service centers offer best generator repair services that include:

Overhaul of all types of generators
Execution of annual maintenance contracts
Preventive maintenance tasks
Assessment of repairs
Providing estimate for repairs
Repair of broken down generators
Use of company authorized spares
Standardized equipment
Company trained manpower
Installation services