Turbocharger Service & Repair

We are equipped with a unique equipment that integrates all that is needed to repair turbochargers and gives us 100% precision. We use high quality parts and have a full understanding of the complete turbo assembly.
Diesel Fuel Injection Testing & Repair
GLTC's goal is to enhance the life of the diesel engine to avoid costly downtime for our customers and clients.
Our Diesel fuel injection service portfolio includes:
Common Rail Injector Testing and Repair
Mechanical Injector Testing and Repair
HEUI and EUI Testing and Repair
Common Rail Pump Testing and Repair

Engine Overhaul

More extensive rebuilding is considered a major engine overhaul, and this requires the whole engine to be lifted from the chassis, so it can be thoroughly taken apart. With GLTC every nut, bolt and removable part is cleaned and replaced with new, original factory engine parts.


Gasoline Fuel Injection Testing

Our technicians are trained and fully equipped with automated equipment to repair all types of gasoline fuel injection systems, including the modern high-pressure GDI. Used injectors are carefully cleaned, without damaging any components, using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.


Other Engine Supervision

We will supervise and perform maintenance and repairs on power-generation equipment, internal combustion engines and associated equipment in mobile and stationary power plants. Our customers will be trained to use high-tech test and diagnostic equipment, read complex wiring schematics and diagrams, and repair electrical components.