Fuel Injector Repair Services

The acceleration, the speed and the thrill are what you love about driving your luxury automobiles, but the performance of driving you have come to expect can suffer when your vehicle experiences fuel injection issues. Carbon build-up in your fuel injection system can cause poor gas mileage, knocking noises, rough idling and hesitation with acceleration. If you are experiencing poor performance from your luxury car or vehicles from dirty fuel injectors, they must be cleaned to prevent damage to the point of failure.
If you fail to address these issues in a proper manner you may face a failed emissions inspection and even catastrophic engine failure.


You should not wait to schedule a fuel injection service once you notice any of the following warning signs to prevent costly and unnecessary repair in the future:

Check Engine Light
Extended Cranking Time
Engine Misfires
Poor Engine Performance
Surging and Bucking with Acceleration
Black Smoke Emissions

Benefits of Fuel Injection Service

Fuel injection service with GLTC will also clean and restore your engine to improve fuel efficiency and maximize the life of your fine Euro import. We recommend preventative fuel injector cleaning before you notice a problem and follow the suggested fuel service frequency found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. We offer service and repair benefits for your fuel injection system to:

Reduce Emissions
Restore Peak Performance
Boost Fuel Efficiency
Protect Your Engine from Further Damage