Thanks to the professional skills and expertise of its technicians and laboratory equipped with high precision benches and devices, GLTC can repair any type of diesel injection and turbo component (mechanical injection pumps, electronic pumps, high pressure pumps, electronic and mechanical injectors, turbochargers).
During a full fuel injection service, several things are done, your fuel pump’s pressure and volume is checked, your pressure regulator is checked your fuel rail, which is the pipe that sends the fuel from your pump to your fuel injector, and fuel injector screen is flushed, your fuel injectors are flushed and cleaned, your throttle valve and air passages are flushed, and your engine’s computer is checked to make sure the air/fuel mixture is correct and all of the sensors are working.
GLTC typically recommend that you bring your vehicle in for a repair or service every 36-48 months. Or about every 45,000 miles. REMEMBER. “Routine Maintenance is ALWAYS Cheaper than REPAIRS”.
Our technicians will check your fuel injectors for efficient operation before beginning the cleaning process. If one fuel injector is failing, it may be advisable to replace all of them depending on the age of your vehicle and the mileage.

Our fuel injection repairing service thoroughly flushes carbon deposits from your fuel injection system, lengthening the life of your engine and providing the following benefits:

Better gas mileage
Lower emissions
Improved overall engine performance
Savings on fuel costs

Spare parts

GLTC maintains an extensive inventory of engine spare parts. As an authorized parts distributor for most major manufacturers, we have access to original manufacturer drawings and data. This enables us to quickly and precisely identify needed spare parts and make critical deliveries on time.

We supply parts and spare part related services for many machine types and OEM’s. We are efficient in reverse engineering parts of OEM’s we do not formally represent using the latest technology.

We make sure a wide range of spare parts are available for your full line of engines and systems, including classic Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz engines for off-highway applications. Whatever you need, wherever you are, we will get it to you fast through our Logistics Centers.

Our quality repair services value are the foundation of the GLTC and with a core focus on spare parts and products that are safe and environmentally friendly for society.
GLTC will continue to work closely with our engine customers and are committed to further advancements in ring design and manufacturing technologies to ensure that the right parts are available to serve the engines of the future.