Our Mission

GLTC is an environmentally conscious recycling engineering company, which is based on customers' demand for reliable and economical service of diesel engines and delivers a range of reconditioned key components as well as related technical service and advice.
GLTC one of the main goal is to be an industry leader in providing unmatched quality automotive products and services and we will continuously strive to meet the changing needs of our customers
We will constantly strive to meet the changing needs of our customers.
Vehicle owners know how minutely they need to monitor and service their vehicles to get the best performance out of it. That is what we specialize in. Our expertise lies in diagnosing and fixing the core components of your vehicles.

Our Vision

GLTC is willing to get recognized globally as one of the finest technical Expertise and repairing services in the coming future and we also believe that we are driven to push technological boundaries, and our determination to stay current and up to date with the latest technologies is what sets us apart from our competition.
We aim at delivering beyond conventional services while constantly driving excellence. Our customized energy solutions help accelerate your journey towards sustainability and energy independence.
AT GLTC we distinguish ourselves by our assurance to the deliverables and fruitful accomplishment of the assignment by understanding the customer input and work on the same.

What we do

At GLTC we distinguish ourselves by our assurance to the deliverables and fruitful accomplishment of the assignment by understanding the customer input, coordinating with diverse masteries and proficiency,
We are fully equipped to overhaul Fuel Injection Pumps, Injector Assemblies and Nozzles from all major manufacturers, and we provide complete engine overhauls, make hydraulic hoses, customized cotton-picker doors We repair and sale radiators as well. We offer starter fluid, fuel systems, primer bulbs, precision fuel pumps, starters, belts, alternators and more Diesel Fuel Injection – Authorized repair and service for all major fuel systems. ENGINE PARTS: Engines, parts, service, replacement components.
All complete Fuel Injection equipment including Pumps, Injectors & Fuel Pipes, we have a large stock of fuel injection equipment and spare parts, allowing us to dispatch items quickly and overhaul used equipment efficiently.

Each product is strictly tested at our quality control unit, with the help of advanced machines, in order to facilitate our clients with a range of flawless metal parts.

Our products are tested on the following parameters:

· Resistance to wear and tear
· Durability
· Resistance to rust
· Accurate finish

All of our spares are sourced from OEM suppliers or equivalent. We are able to re-engineer some obsolete or rare components. We offer complimentary visual inspection and consultation on all makes and models.

Our Policy

Core Policy

At GLTC we are committed to conducting all aspects of our business activities in an ethical mode and transparent way. We will deliver this through our fixed commitment to compliance with all the applicable local laws, regulations, guidelines and pharmaceutical industry standards and codes of conduct in the countries where we operate. We pleasure our customer to know that these codes and policies are understood and adhered to by all relevant parties and are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Health and Safety Policy

GLTC will always strive to preserve natural resources, reducing emissions, and prevent most pollution through innovative processes and continuous improvement methodologies with the goal of reducing, reusing, recycling waste and identifying environmentally safer material substitutes or alternatives for all our operations by keeping our employees and staff safety in our mind.

Diversity and Inclusion policy

GLTC commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with our values. Our values are at the core of how our people interact with each other, make decisions and solve problems, together.

Quality Assurance

Concepts of quality assurance can be traced back to at least the Middle Ages and the rise of guilds. GLTC inalienable responsibility to deliver high-quality products. Discovering and fixing the defects will typically happen before the products reach our customers. With GLTC we make vehicles that have been properly maintained by our licensed professionals over many years and will continue to run efficiently.
We at GLTC, as a team are bound & obliged to deliver Qualitative Products & Services to our most valuable & esteemed customers and to satisfy them to the fullest of their requirements through our continuous Quality Improvement Program. This will also be achieved by our continuous training program for our technicians.
The fuel injection service is designed to help provide vehicle owners with the mileage they achieved when they first bought their vehicle. Your engine relies on fuel so the mechanism that delivers that fuel — the fuel injector system is a pretty important part of your vehicle’s overall performance. A clogged fuel injector system can lead to poor fuel economy and low engine performance in terms of horsepower.

If you use cheap service, your fuel injector system may get clogged up faster than if you were to use premium gas. With GLTC we keep that in mind when making your vehicle service for the engine and any other spare parts with the guidance of our experienced technicians.

GLTC’S fuel injection cleaning service will thoroughly flushes carbon deposits from your fuel injection system, lengthening the life of your engine and providing the following basic benefits to your vehicles.

Better gas mileage
Improved overall engine performance
Lower emissions
Protect and restore the performance of your car
Savings on fuel costs
Increased engine life and performance

A properly maintained vehicle will operate more efficiently, be more dependable, last longer, and ensure a safer ride for you and your family. Your owner’s manual out-lines detailed maintenance schedules that should be performed on all your vehicle’s components and systems. These maintenance schedules are mileage driven.
GLTC’s Fuel System Cleaning is a revolutionary new process that will clean your vehicle’s fuel system and remove harmful carbon deposits. Our system uses a detergent that soaks into the carbon, and softens it, so while running through the process the deposits are passed through the exhaust. The solution will not damage your vehicle’s sophisticated engine components.
After our quality fuel system cleaning cleans your engine, you will notice improved performance, acceleration and increased fuel economy.
The GLTC’S toughest mowing environments with the strength of professional engineering and the comfort you expect from the service. As a residential zero turn, the GLTC is in a class by itself with intuitive controls for precision performance.
The GLTC fuel injectors can be used all over the world as the material is also resistant against impure and aggressive fuel with a high portion of ethanol and methanol.
We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers through honest, dependable service and quality workmanship. Get in touch with us, and experience the GLTC’s differences.
Service quality is becoming an important factor for GLTC. In order to measure the service quality delivered, develop an instrument based on the quality dimensions.

Why Do Preventive Maintenance


We take utmost care at every stage of the repair process right from services, correct selection of materials, proper tolerances to proper manufacture including appropriate heat treatment. All the parts are tested before final delivery for performance. We feel that high quality products with equally affectionate & efficient service, is the key to unlock the treasure of success in this never forgiving, ever demanding, & killing competitive markets. At GLTC we distinguish ourselves by our assurance to the deliverables and fruitful accomplishment of the assignment by understanding the customer input and coordinating with diverse masteries and proficiency to eventually attain the objectives beyond customer expectations thus providing an ineffable value to the project. The rich experience gained from successful projects and we have completed by our customers, continuously helps us to overcome complicated concerns in a project life cycle. We are always ready to perform any vehicle repairs or replacements on fuel systems and fuel injection problems. We can help you solve problems such as your vehicle doesn’t start or has an engine miss-fire.

Our add on services which we can repair anything from air-filter to highly technical fuel injection problems.
We also carry out diagnostic work and also repair for faulty components like the ignition coil, coil pack, ignition module or lead, DFI module, fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel tank or even just the fuel filter or a set of spark plugs.
We only use quality parts from leading brands. Our fully trained technicians can help you solve problems whether your car won’t start, has a flat spot, a miss, leaking fuel, using too much petrol, idling or running rough.
Great service comes with a great price:
We provide an on-site service, to reduce your inconvenience.
We offer you itemized quotes before any work commences.
We make sure that you are in control of your service costs.
We are equipped to do all standard vehicle servicing, non-urgent repairs and diagnostics.
We have our best Scheduled Maintenance services.
The process of cleaning the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers using specialized equipment. Fuel injection cleaning is now a necessary maintenance service required on today’s vehicles.

Fuel injectors become clogged with dirt and rust, while the injector tips plug up with varnish from gasoline. Intake valves, combustion chambers and pistons suffer from carbon deposits, which if allowed to accumulate may lead to diminished performance, reduced fuel economy and poor/uneven idle.
This service dissolves these deposits and restores proper fuel flow into the combustion chamber. The benefits range from optimizing fuel economy, cleaner emissions and improved engine responsiveness.
We also offer the best comprehensive maintenance and service for fuel injection systems. Our service improves fuel efficiency and engine performance by removing deposit build-up from the combustion chamber, throttle body, plenum, air-intake system, fuel injectors, and valves.
Technicians Dedicated to performing the best Fuel Injection repairs
Whether you have a Mercedes or a Mazda, a Lexus or a Lincoln, our service HSE-Certified Master Technicians are qualified to work on your engine, backed by decades of education and experience.
Our technicians are constantly rated as some of the best in the North Las Vegas region for their professional aspect and mechanical ability, and are constantly providing customers with satisfying service.


At GLTC we have the highest concern with commitment for protecting the Health and Safety of all our employees, contractors, customers and the society in which we operate and for conservation of the Environment. Our GLTC is an international holding that leads the fuel service of equipment and technology and the provision of services to the repair services.

GLTC Management is committed to:
Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work- related injury and ill health and is appropriate to the purpose, size and context of the organization and to the specific nature of its OHS risks and OHS opportunities.
GLTC adheres to the HSE management system in compliance with all local, national, and international laws and regulations.


Takes all measures necessary to maintain optimal working conditions in the Monitors all work-related activities to ensure the well-being of our employees, contractors, and relevant third parties. Promotes awareness of, and provides education in, health-related subjects.


Take necessary measures to prevent work-related injuries.
Trains our employees and contractors to be aware of any potential risks to personal safety on the job.
Grants our employees and contractors the option to suspend their duties and re-evaluate their safety should they perceive any potential risks.


Ensures that all employees work productively to conserve our environment.
Makes every effort to minimize compromising our environment, such as pollution and contamination.
GLTC is committed to both maintaining and improving our HSE system on a regular basis.
Global HSE promotes methods and behavior that prevent both personal injury and unhealthy behavior of employees, third parties, damage to equipment and the environment, material and environmental damage (including air, water and soil pollution, noise and other nuisance).
We expect each employee to respect internal rules and actively contribute to the execution of Global HSE policy and guidance during any activity, regardless of the employee’s position, rights and responsibilities.